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The Key 

Since 1999

Brain Lightning

Why Should I Use

Brain Lightning™?

USA Made

Brain Lightning is proudly manufactured in the USA.



We support all military and first responders. 


GMP Certified

Made in a GMP certified laboratory.


We only use the highest quality ingredients, period.


Every ingredient is LAB tested.


Potency & Purity are very important to us because we rely on Brain Lightning™ too.

The Original High Performance Brain

Enhancement Nutraceutical Formula.

Don't be fooled by inferior knock off products.

“I just want to say how much Brain Lightning has helped me.  I have been using Brain Lightning since 2008 and it truly is 'the key' for me.  I’ve suffered from depression and low moods since a teenager and Brain Lightning works absolute wonders for me in this area and in overall brain function and brain performance.


 Especially as I’m in a job that requires mental energy and concentration each day.  In addition, I am much more focused and in control, in better spirits, more productive, optimistic and more!   I can't express how much the reloaded Brain Lightning is helping me.  I'm astounded!

Mark S.

Brain Lightning™ the key

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Would you like to stop feeling brain fog?

  • Losing concentration, brain power, and ability to remember things?

  • Do you find yourself in a stress-filled environment and can't afford to lose focus?

  • Need to fire up your brain regardless of  your work?

  • Unhappy with your brain function?


    Why use Brain Lightning™?

  • Do you need to think clearly?

  • Want creative problem-solving?

  • Need a proactive solution against age-related dementia?

  • Want to rejuvenate your brain?

  • Exposed to environmental toxins?

  • Want better memory recall?

  • Need a mental edge?​​​​​​​​​​



Processes of

Age-Related Neurological Decline

(Merck Manual of Geriatrics)



Brain Lightning™ 

component effect categories

Age-Associated Memory Impairment (AAMI)





Impact of Neurological Deficiencies



Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

Brain Nutrition and Protection During Times of Change and Stress



9 reasons why

Brain Lightning is Different Than Other Products on the Market?



Why Should I Use

Brain Lightning™?



Keeping That Needed "Edge"to innovate

A Highly Effective Formulation



Up scale your brain For Learning

On the Job - Keeping That Needed "Edge"
For Learning - Maximize brain plasticity
Creativity - Harness the Power of Creative Thinking

Engineers, doctors, musicians and professionals have been aware of the on-the-job usefulness of Brain Lightning since its release in 1999. Mental performance, focus and having a "QUICK, FLUID MENTAL PROCESS" are essential to working with daily requirements of complex analytical tasks in today's technological world as well as being able to tap into the CREATIVE ZONE and CREATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING.

Students and those who are in the process of exploring advanced states of consciousness have the benefit of the mental clarity and focus inherent with Brain Lightning use. Brain Lightning is synergistically tailored for situational use, and is easily adapted into routines as they arise in 

life, maximizing results as much as possible in ways unique to each individual. Brain Lightning is used by brokers, analysts, engineers, and professionals in all fields. Ideal for those who need to operate in OPTIMUM MODE more EASILY under high mental pressure. And, it is CONSISTENT every time.

Stress and the demands of life quickly deplete neurological chemicals. Waking up in a fog and a basic inability to get one's brain "in gear" in the morning can severely impact what one gets out of life and career.

Five Star Television Productions



"Active Living" Series, May 2001,entitled "Something to Remember", all about BrainLightning, was seen onThe Discovery Channel, Bravo Network, Oxygen Network, PAX Television and The Health Network.

Brain Lightning™ : Featured on the World Health Network, the official site of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, backed by 10,000 physicians, Tools for Wellness, the world's largest resource for self-improvement technologies, and has been exhibited and well received at the International Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine and Biomedical Technologies, the American College for the Advancement of Medicine. the National Health Federation, and the Second World Conference for Vitamin and Nutritional Therapy.

Work Smart

The preferred choice for engineers, screenwriters, financial and corporate executives, clinicians, those in academic and stressful situations requiring maximum focus and concentration, those with age-related attention and focus deficit and those who just want "a creative edge".

Repair & Replenish

Nothing can stop the aging process. It is something which happens naturally in a way that is specific and unique to each person's genetic makeup, but proper nutrition and specific targeting of known areas of biochemical depletion can often make the journey easier to tolerate, helping to mediate many of the symptoms of aging on various physiological systems as we grow older and begin to experience them.


Just as people experience "low vision" phenomena as they age, they also experience a detectable decline in the ability to mentally focus on tasks, maintain a sharp mind and begin to notice problems with both short and long-term memory.

Brain Lightning™ comprehensively serves both the Neurological and Endocrine Systems, and does not contain the "biological noise" of many other products available today.  With 100% Purest Grade and Highest Purity Natural Ingredients, it's where the hype stops and performance begins - the Ultimate High Performance, Full-Support Neurological Supplement!


This profound supplement was intuitively created through a process involving extensive research and experience, producing a product with a wide range of effect which combats neural aging processes without stressing the body. The intent to create the absolute best is also behind this product. You'll find nothing better! Brain Lightning™ was the first effective product and will always be the best!

Brain Lightning™

20th anniversary

"You never really know what you've lost until it's gone!  I have tried some of the other brain supplements at the same cost and they can't even stand up to Brain Lightning.  When I didn't have Brain Lightning, it was really hard trying to focus all day.


Scott G.

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