Brain Lightning

The Key 

Since 1999

The Original High Performance Brain

Enhancement Nutraceutical Formula.

Don't be fooled by inferior knock off products.

Would you like to stop feeling brain fog?

  • Losing concentration, brain power, and ability to remember things?

  • Do you find yourself in a stress-filled environment and can't afford to lose focus?

  • Need to fire up your brain regardless of  your work?

  • Unhappy with your brain function?

Brain Lightning may be the key

Better Memory
Enhanced I.Q.
Focus and Concentration
Fast, Accurate Thinking
Better Vision and Hearing
Neural regenesis

Why use Brain Lightning™?


  • Do you need to think clearly?

  • Want creative problem-solving?

  • Need a proactive solution against age-related dementia?

  • Want to rejuvenate your brain?

  • Exposed to environmental toxins?

  • Want better memory recall?

  • Need a mental edge?​​​​​​​​​​

Brain Lightning™

Limited time

20th Anniversary

Neuro pioneers

since 1999


Novus Research Int.

United State

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