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Keeping That Needed "Edge" to innovate

PhDs, scientists, entrepreneurs, musicians, and professionals in all fields have been aware of the on-the-job usefulness of Brain Lightning™ since its release in 1999. Mental performance, focus and having a "QUICK, FLUID MENTAL PROCESS" are essential to working with daily requirements of complex analytical tasks in today's technological world as well as being able to tap into the CREATIVE ZONE and CREATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING.

Students and those who are in the process of exploring advanced states of consciousness have the benefit of the mental clarity and focus inherent with the use of Brain Lightning™. Brain Lightning™ is synergistically tailored for situational use, and is easily adapted into routines as they arise in life, maximizing results as much as possible in ways unique to each individual.


Ideal for those who need to operate in OPTIMUM MODE more EASILY under high mental pressure. And, it is CONSISTENT every time. Stress and the demands of life quickly deplete neurological chemicals. Waking up in a fog and a basic inability to get one's brain "in gear" in the morning can severely impact what one gets out of life and career.

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