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Brain Lightning™ component effect categories

Memory and Learning , Alzheimer's and Dementia, Cognitive Deficit, Organophosphate exposure, nerve agent exposure, oxidative chemical exposure, neuroprotection, Aluminum deposition protection, oxidative stress, hearing improvement, stroke therapy, MS relapse mediation, radiation protective effects, cerebral circulation, hydroxyl scavenging, circulatory calcification, hippocampal nitric oxide toxicity protection, glaucoma therapy, free radical scavenging, glutamate toxicity reduction, neuronal energy metabolism damage repair, hippocampal phospholipid breakdown inhibition, memory restoration, depression mediation, improved psychomotor performance, adjuvant-induced arthritis mediation, tinnitus reduction, increased DNA synthesis, induction of lucid dreaming, positive behavior enhancement, mood improvement, and more. See Abstracts for extensive details.

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