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Impact of Neurological Deficiencies

Serotonin Deficiency: Serotonin deficiency chiefly relates to emotional stability. Deficiencies can manifest as lack of

rational emotions, feelings of irritability, sudden unexplained emotional outbursts and sleep problems.

GABA Deficiency: A neurological deficiency in gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) can result in anxiety and restlessness which can appear for no appreciable reason. See also: Study shows GABA (component of Brain Lightning) can help reverse mental decline.

Major Neurotransmitter Deficiency: The synergistic inclusion of DLPA and Vitamin B-6 in Brain LightningTM counteracts deficiencies which result in a lack of dopamine, norepinephrine and enkephalins in the brain. The lack of sufficient quantities of these substances can produce lack of emotional resonance with others, as well as depression, lack of ambition and a sense of isolation.

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