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Brain Lightning™

Who might take Brain Lightning™?

Most individuals have found that Brain Lightning™ use relates to the demands of lifestyle and activity. Mental clarity, focus and concentration are important in most lifestyles. Some people use Brain Lightning™ on a daily basis because of their age (over 40) and general state of depletion; some use the product on a situational basis, taking the product daily for a week or so relative to some event (exam, meetings, situation where focus and mental clarity is required). Brain Lightning™ is highly recommended to anyone wanting to take a proactive approach to brain nutrition, brain longevity, and enhanced brain function.

Will Brain Lightning™ affect other medications I am taking?

As with any product, consult your health care professional before using, especially if you have ongoing medical problems. Brain LightningTM is NOT intended for children under the age of 18, people with PKU (phenylketonuria), or pregnant or lactating women. If you have high blood pressure, hemophilia, heart problems, pre-existing pigmented malignant melanoma, or are taking blood thinning medication, or other prescription drugs, use ONLY under the guidance of a physician. DO NOT take with MAO inhibitor antidepressant drugs.

Does Brain Lightning™ contain wheat, yeast, preservatives, starch, fluoride, or animal products?

No, Brain Lightning™ is a vegan product suitable for all diets.

How should I store Brain Lightning™?

Do not store this product in extreme heat or in the refrigerator, nor in the bathroom or in any area that has elevated moisture or sun exposure.

What is the recommended dosage for Brain Lightning™?

The standard dose is 3 capsules in the morning. Effects have been noted in as little as 1 or 2 capsules taken either in the morning or before some event in which focus and concentration is needed. People who have used this product who are experiencing severe age-related mental depletion and memory loss have reported taking as much as 2-4 doses per day with very favorable results.

How long has Brain Lightning™ been around?

Brain Lightning™ was first introduced in 1999 and has been in continuous use and still loved by many all over the world.

How long do I need to use Brain Lightning™ before I see results?

Individuals who are in tune with their physical and/or cerebral functions have reported feeling effects as quick as after the first dose. Brain Lightning™ is designed to provide both immediate short-term benefits and long-term benefits.

Can I use Brain Lightning™ with other vitamins?

While many individuals find that Brain Lightning™ is sufficient in serving their brain enhancement needs, others have combined it with other herbal or vitamin supplements with no ill effects. As with any supplementation therapy, exercising caution is recommended, or consulting your health care provider for specific issues.

If I stop taking Brain Lightning™ will I lose all the benefits I’ve gained?

The human body is sustained by consuming nutrients and is further enhanced by quality nutrients. In the absence of those focused nutrients, the body is then subjected to the ravishes of aging, environmental, biochemical, electro-magnetic, genetic, and physical processes of degeneration. Most individuals find it helpful to use Brain Lightning™ on a continual basis to maintain their advances and to possibility enhance more brain power.

How should I take Brain Lightning™ to get maximum effect?

Most people take Brain Lightning™ in the morning about 30 minutes before breakfast with their favorite beverage. Do not take the product with protein as the protein will tend to diminish results, however, small amounts of carbohydrates can be taken with Brain Lightning™ if you wish.

Is Brain Lightning™ made according to FDA standards?

Brain Lightning™ is produced in a laboratory that is GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practices), a certification that signifies the highest standards of quality and purity practiced in the manufacturing of nutraceuticals to date.

Is there any stimulant in Brain Lightning™?

Brain Lightning™'s synergistic formula does not contain any stimulants nor rely on them for it's performance. For those with caffeine sensitivity, this is a user-friendly product, and for those who like coffee or tea, this can used with their favorite beverage.

Is this product FDA approved?

All dietary supplements are regulated through the Dietary Supplement Act of 1994. The only influence the FDA has is to determine whether a dietary supplement ingredient is recognized as safe. All ingredients in Brain Lightning™ are on the FDA's GRAS list(Generally Recognized As Safe). However, we have high standards, so all ingredients in Brain Lightning™ are lab tested for potency and purity.

Why can't children take Brain Lightning™?

As an industry standard, any OTC product or dietary supplement that is not specifically formulated for children consumption will carry an usage warning.


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